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Initiation Tandem Paragliding Flight 


DISTANCE VOL LIBRE lets you try flying tandem paragliding. A paraglider has a “parachute like” look to it, but the similarity is only in the look. Instead of being designed to slow down a fall, it’s made to glide and soar and use thermals to climb in the air.


  • Launch is from one of the sites on Mont-Yamaska at an elevation of 1000 feet above the plains at the foothill
  • The passenger is in a seated position in front of the instructor sitting in back. Both passenger and instructor have their own harnesses and are secured to the same glider
  • 195$ + tx
Goal of the flight
  • The goal of these flights is to discover the beauty of free flying and even piloting a paraglider, all in the silence of the air and with a panoramic view of Mont-Yamaska and the region
  • Approx. 15 mins, depending on weather conditions
  • Option to extend the flight (if weather conditions permits) : 40$/10 minutes

Comparison with the hang glider

  • Paragliders, if compared to hang gliders, are slower and fly between 20 km/h and 50 km/h, with an equally good descent rate as on a hang glider
  • If weather conditions permit, you can acheive important gains in altitude
  • Generally, a paraglider will fly as high and as long as a hang glider

Additional information 

  • Available from 9am to 5pm, every day
  • Total length of the activity: 1h30 to 2h
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs 
  • 2 discovery packages are also available for the most curious, see in section paragliding.
We recommend reserving your spot 2 weeks ahead to make sure you get the time and day you prefer