Tarifs d’adhésion pilote

Membership Season   475+tx

Membership Couple Season  695$+tx

Membership Mid-Season ( from August 1rst)  319$

Membership End of Season (from September 1rst)  219$

Daily Access  25$+tx

Weekly Access  70$+tx


 Mont-Yamaska is one of the best sites for free flying in Quebec and is the only dedicated airspace. Its geographical location, at the heart of the Monteregie makes it the prefered flying area for pilots from Montreal and the surroundings. Mont-Yamaska offers great flying possibilities with launches all around the mountain (360 degrees) with 1000 feet of soarable steep mountain sides. Great aerological conditions permit cloud bases of up to 8000 feet and cross country flying over plaines for hundreds of kilometers. 

DISTANCE VOL LIBRE lets you discover free flying at Mont-Yamaska and can take you flying in tandem on hang gliders or paragliders or even Ultralights (ULM). 

Mont-Yamaska is also a very interesting site for different activities for the whole familly. (See the « frequently asked questions » section) 


vol en parapente Yamaska deltaplane motorisé Yamaska
paramoteur Yamaska parapente à moteur Yamaska