DISTANCE VOL LIBRE - Go for it All with Tandem Hangliding (towed)
We also offer initiation flights on tandem hang gliders.A hang glider is non-motorized aeronef which looks a bit like a triangular kite. It is a stable and safe glider which needs little strength. Flying in a prone position (forward), the instructor and the passenger fly side-by-side in their individual harnesses. The goal on an initiation flight is to have you discover the basics of free flying. You’ll fly and enjoy the silence and beauty of Mont-Yamaska and the surroundings. Breathtaking!

A hang glider can fly as slow as 30 km/h and as fast as 120 km/m. If weather conditions permit you can acheive important gains in altitude.


Aerotow; Your tandem flight begins behind an ultralight trike (motorized hang glider) towed up to 2500 feet at which point you release the tow line and start your long glide free-flying on the tandem hang glider. 


Initiation Hangliding Tandem (towed)
  Cost: 235$+tx
Extra altitude :  3000 feet and more...
Duration: 15-20 minutes dependent on weather conditions.
Available from 9h to 5h, every day
Total length of the activity: 30 minutes
Maximum weight: 210lbs
2 discovery packages are also available for the curious ones.  See Training section. 
We recommend reserving your spot 3 weeks ahead to make shure you get the time and day you prefer..