DISTANCE VOL LIBRE lets you try flying tandem paragliding. A paraglider has a “parachute like” look to it, but the similarity is only in the look. Instead of being designed to slow down a fall (chute), it’s made to glide and soar and use thermals to climb in the air.

Launch is from one of the sites on Mont-Yamaska at an elevation of 1000 feet above the plains at the foothill. The passenger is in a seated position in front of the instructor sitting in back. Both passenger and instructor have their own harnesses and are secured to the same glider. The goal of these flights is to discover the beauty of free flying and even piloting a paraglider, all in the silence of the air and with a panoramic view of Mont-Yamaska and the region.

Paragliders, if compared to hang gliders, are slower and fly between 20 km/h and 50 km/h, with an equally good descent rate as on a hang glider. If weather conditions permit, you can acheive important gains in altitude. Generally a paraglider will fly as high and as long as a hang glider.



Initiation Tandem Paragliding Flight  

Coût: 195$+tx     
Length:  Approx. 15 min/depending on conditions
Option to Extend the flight (if conditions permits) 40$/10 minutes
Available from 9am to 5pm, every day
Total length of the activity: 1h30 à 2h
Maximum weight: 250lbs
2 discovery packages are also available for the most curious, see  in section paragliding.
We recommend reserving your spot 2 weeks ahead to make sure you get the time and day you prefer.